Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prayers That Move Mountains

I had this conversation with God not too long ago....

Me : Lord, what should I share with my Cell this weekend?

God : Share with them about the kind of prayer that moves mountains.

Me : Hmm.. Then You gotta tell me what to say. I'm not sure if I've prayed the kind of prayer that moves mountains...

God : The kind of prayer that moves mountains, is the prayer of little children.

Have you seen the way a child begs his dad for a toy at the department store?
He simply points at the toy and says, "Daddy, I want."
He has full faith that daddy can give him the toy, so he asks, never worrying about whether or not he's been a good boy this month, or if he's done well in school recently, etc.
And he never stops asking til daddy gives in... That's persistency.

I was reminded of this conversation on Sunday at the adoration room.

Most people would pick a spot at the back of the room, shuffle around a bit to find a comfortable position, maybe reply a few SMS first, take out rosary to pray or take out Bible to read and a dozen other things that people normally do when they go to adoration room.

But not this little girl I saw that day.

She walked in, went right up to the Blessed Sacrament, knelt down and kept quiet.
Like Mary of Bethany, she had chosen the best part; To sit at the feet of Jesus, and no one can take that away from her.

Such was the faith of a little child.

After a while, she stood and went out with her mom (who was seated somewhere at the back of the room, by the way).

I bet whatever she asked for was already done for her by our Father in Heaven.


Jimmie N said...

Hi brother Sury

I'm inspired by this post. Whoever wants to be great in the Lord have to humble themselves and be like little children. I am learning to become a child of God everyday.

Bless you brother!


surepath said...

This semon is absolutely right!